Pali Khandoba Temple - Temples In Satara

 Pal or Pali khandobachi in Satara district

Pal(or pali) is a historical place and famous for shrine of Lord Khandoba who is reincarnation of Lord is situated 28 kilometres (17 mi) at south of satara. thousands of devotees visit this place to worship Lord Khandoba. In January there is an annual yatra, or pilgrimage. Thousands of devotees and priests come and worship Lord khandoba. During yatra,Lord shiva gets marriage with Mhalsadevi.

On the same day there is a rally in the village along with an elephant. The rally starts from the Main palace of village which is on right bank of Tarala river. The chief of Pal sits on the elephant and rally moves towards the Temple which is on left bank of river. The rally accompanied with lots of villagers and chief persons The procession moves from the bed of river where there lots of pilgrims usually camp to see the rally and worship.

When the rally enters into the temple, the Chief person gets down from the elephant and enters the main shrine to Lord Khandoba. Lots of civic person also along with him.They worship Idols(masks)of Lord Khandoba and Mhalsadevi. Afterward the Chief person removes these idols from the temple and places them on the elephant.

All other civic person comes out from the temple and join the rally and head it. When the rally comes out of main big gate of Temple, lots of devotees and pilgrims showers bhandara and coconut chips on the elephant. .

Eventually the rally arrives at the marriage palace(called "Bahula"). The Chief person gets down from the elephant along with the idols of Lord Khandoba and Mhalasadevi. He enters into the "Bahula". By this time Lots of people are waiting for the wedding. The wedding takes place in the presence of large numbers of devotees and Mankaris and civic persons. After wedding rally returns to the main palace ("Wada").