Gondavalekar Maharaj Samadhi Temple - Temples In Satara

The Samadhi Mandir of Shri Maharaj, the place where he was cremated, is about 200 meters from the bus stand of Gondavale. The sacred Samadhi is in the basement, and on the floor above it, the idol of Shri Gopalkrishna is installed, symbolising that the place was originally a stable of cows. Shri Maharaj was very much devoted to cows and had expressed his wish to rest there. In this campus surrounding the Samadhi Mandir, are the temple of Shri Aaisaheb, the second consort of Shri Maharaj, meditation halls, stable of cows, kitchen hall, book-shop, etc.

Bhavani Temple (Pratapgad) - Temples In Satara

In 1661, Shivaji was unable to visit the temple of the goddess Bhavani at Tuljapur. He decided to dedicate a temple to the goddess at this fort itself. This temple is on the eastern side of the lower fort. The hall has been rebuilt since the original construction, and consists of wooden pillars about 50' long, 30' broad and 12' high. The shrine is made of stone, and contains a clothed black stone image of the goddess. The roof of the temple is flat inside, but covered in lead covering put up by the Satara Raja Pratapsinh (1818–1839). A small spire or shikhar covers the shrine.

Shree Siddhanath Temple - Temples In Satara

Siddhanath Temple at Mhaswad
Temple of Lord 'Siddhanath' built in 12th Century. Idols of Siddhanath and Jogubai in the form of Shiva/Parvati are here. The temple is worth to see. Mhaswad is 80 Km from Satara on Satara-Solapur road. Annual 'Rathyatra' is main function is being celebrated with Lacks of devotees.